Academic Integrity

Case48 opines that academic integrity is a fundamental and essential value that is persistent across higher education. It actually emphasizes giving the due credit to where it belongs and honestly acknowledging and regarding others' work.

Definition of Terms
  • Company or

    Refers to a professional formal writing company that creates high quality content for academic and commercial purposes on demand through qualified writers and established content creators.

  • Expert/Coach/Writer

    Refers to a learned and qualified professional writer assigned by this company to cater professional assistance in writing from scratch, or completing a half done academic assignment, or corporate related write ups purely for guidance purposes

  • Customer

    Refers to any random visitor of this website Case48 who willfully hires any of our professional writing or coaching assistance, collaborates with any of our experts for completion of any writing task, or consults any of our pre-written case studies is regarded as a customer

  • Writing Service

    Refers to a formal professional writing assistance delivered Case48 through its experienced team of writers on special demand of the customer. Through this writing service, we deliver custom written papers closely in line with the instructions of the client purely for guidance purposes.

  • Delivery of Writing Help

    Implies writing either from scratch or completing half done paper, whatsoever requested by the client, a high quality sample or model paper purely for guidance and inspirational purposes, against a pre-decided cost

  • Product

    Product here refers to any completed paper for academic or commercial purposes, along with our pre-written case study solutions, which is only meant for guidance and inspirational purposes, and never meant to be submitted to some college, university, or any formal institute. We never encourage its direct submission no matter what.

Academic Integrity
This Document States Our Vision & Purpose of this Service

Case48, a qualified team of learned professionals, coaches, mentors, professional writers, and tutors, works with a clear aim to provide professional-level assistance to students and businesses across the world to further promote higher education and facilitation.

This Document States Our Vision & Purpose of this Service
  • We strive to bridge all educational gaps and supplement the efforts of educational institutions. Given this sacred profession of formal writing, we never tend to indulge in illegal trafficking or passing over educational materials since it clearly violates all basic moral standards and academic integrity. Furthermore, any such activities further damage the sincere efforts of august institutes and intellectuals.
  • Case48 opines that the true essence of academic integrity lies in building up your knowledge brick by brick through referencing and giving due credit to those who actually deserve it or to whom these original ideas belong. Therefore, our professionals are strictly prohibited from promoting academic dishonesty. Each team member is clearly instructed to refrain from the slightest plagiarism, cheating, impersonation, fraud, etc.
  • Our experts are trained to produce only original and custom-written content that is clearly in line with the provided instructions and give due credit through citations. They refrain from cheating, plagiarism, academic policy violation, fraud, manipulation, maneuvering data, or any such activity that collides with basic academic integrity values. Since most of our team members belong to a known academic fraternity, they never tend to resort to any such ill activities. We strongly uphold the very basic ethos of the writing profession.
Our Perception of Academic Dishonesty

It is the biggest menace to academic writing. Plagiarism means passing off someone else's work, or part of it, as your own.


It is another form of academic dishonesty where someone steals someone else's work by copying it with or without permission and passes it off as his personal work.


This is another type of academic dishonesty where some person helps others in committing academic dishonesty.


As the very name shows, it is related to altering the data and statistics, or even a statement which is again the worst kind of academic integrity violation.

Multiple submissions

It involves multiple submissions of the same paper or a project with or without minor changes for credit in different classes without the instructor's permission.


This implies falsely presenting oneself or engaging someone else to present oneself in an examination or test by hiding the true identity.

We never Perform Tasks Such as
  • When you hide your true identity for the purpose of impersonation,
  • Presenting our model papers as your own work
  • Attaining answers to any of your academic tasks, especially when you are restricted from doing so
  • We never write technical papers on behalf of non-technical individuals
  • We never alter data, statistics, facts, science journals, or citations
  • We never provide assistance in fabricating fake financial reports
  • We never prepare false CVs containing fake educational details and work experience
  • Don't ask us to write any kind of write-ups that in any manner violate the law of the state, institutional policy, or the interests of the common public
  • Never ask us to produce material that might cause communal unrest, hate speech, offensive political or religious literature
All the clients of Case48 All the clients of Case48

Any of our customers who violate these below-mentioned provisions of our basic code of conduct will instantly be banned from our website; all their ongoing projects will be halted, their user accounts will be deactivated, and they will never be entitled to avail any of our professional services.

clients of Case48

Note for Students

None of our student clients are permitted to ask for any assistance in work that even in prima facie conflicts with the basics of academic integrity, institutional policy, or state law

Case48 will never assist you in plagiarism, cheating, fraud, impersonation, collusion, or any other kind of academic dishonesty.


Note for Professionals

Case48 is a widely cherished writing platform with hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. They relate with us and truly believe in the values that we stand for. We bring you the best possible facilities in the form of higher remunerations that are way more than the standard rates, and in return, all we expect from you is sticking to the basics of academic values. Although we are quite confident about your personal character and moral standing, still these below points must be crystal clear

  • None of our experts will ever participate in or encourage any such activity that might have even the remotest possibility of collision with the academic integrity
  • Our experts are restricted from indulging in any such activity that might initiate or further proceed with any type of unethical, illegal, or unfair activity
  • None of our experts will help any student enrolled in any formal institution, to prepare any assignment or task that is being prepared with the intention of direct submission tagging it as his personal work.

Note for Parents & Teachers

Case48 formally adores all parents and teachers who do their best to pave the way for children's higher education. We aim to contribute with you in this effort through our selfless contribution of top-class coaching and mentoring services to students irrespective of class, race, religion, or country. We believe that the future of higher education can be protected through a pragmatic personal approach of guidance and model solutions to complex academic problems.

Case48 urges all mentors:

  • Please allow your students to share with us the classroom-specific material so that our experts can better understand the nature of the task and assist in the most appropriate manner
  • It is also great to let your students know the benefits of collaborating with experienced mentors who have decade-long experience and are just a click away from timely and expert help
  • We strongly urge you not to restrict students from attaining our professional assistance. We make this request only after guaranteeing you that all our steps are strictly in line with the basics of academic integrity
  • Please do not forbid your students from hiring our professional assistance only unless you fear that the model solutions provided by us might be exploited and represented as their own work. As a disciplined and professional writing company, we never encourage any such act.

We strongly urge to all parents:

  • It is your moral obligation to give moral, financial support to your children for the sake of professional academic assistance. We guarantee you a world-class coaching service for sure
  • You must also motivate your child to go through our free-of-cost scholarly articles that might help them build their writing skills step by step
  • Report abuse
  • In this entire document, we have clarified our intent. In case where someone finds any kind of breach or violation of the academic integrity, please report the same as soon as possible. We guarantee you concrete and conclusive action against the perpetrators.

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