A Detailed Overview Of How To Write A Case Study Solution

The case study solution basically is an intensive and systematic investigation about a single person, community, and other units in which researchers determine in detail several variables. The case study analysis can be seen in life and social sciences as a research methodology. Researchers describe how complex phenomena are easily understandable through a natural setting. The case study allows the researchers to make a broad-spectrum and intricate topic and narrow it down into meaningful questions. Researchers collect qualitative and quantitative data and go down into the core to find out concerning data. How nurses take care of children patients is an example of a case study.

Some examples are given below about case study that creates ease in understanding:

  • Use observational data to determines the actual pain management
  • Questionnaire data likewise how nurses perceived pain management tasks
  • How nurses quality care of their complex patients
  • How much knowledge nurses have about pain management practices
  • Case study about treatment injury case
  • Clinical case study
  • Case study about students

How To Make A Case Study Solution Outline

In the case study outline, First of all, create a template. There are no restrictions on case study formats. Because some people take a case study solution analysis as research and investigate step by step all the phenomena and also finds out the influence of these datasets over time. You have to need each and every detail about how to write a case study solution which you have chosen according to your interest. Put all the information in the format and goes into the depth of the text.

For example, Case study about a student, the case study format has such type of questions,  name and school name of the student, how much activities the student have been carried out, how did student organize his activity, how the student feels about that day and which kind of difficulties student face in school, etc.

Methods Of Case Study Solution

The case study has the same methodology as other research topics. The first step which is involved is to determine and identify the similar type of cases and then relate with other similar groups and incorporate all the things to make it multiple-type cases. A search will be conducted to find out the data about the case which has already been selected. It may include topic-related search, review of literature, a concern with media reports, and other social contacts from which every detail can be received. That information is helpful in the development of basic questions that serve and established an easy understanding of the case.

Case study data is not always qualitative in nature. In multiple-cases, data analyzed the case study and across the case study so that data comparison may be done and finds out its advantages and limitations.  In multiple cases, researchers go more in the depth of the phenomena, and more themes arise from data analyses. Cases may be linked up and seen as a single entity.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Case Study Solution


  • From the case study, we can collect a lot of detail about a specific dataset which cannot get easily from any other research methods or designs
  • Scientific experiments can also be done in the case study
  • A case study tends to be conducted on issues on which large samples of the same units may not be available
  • The case study has significant importance to make it easily understandable of complex issues
  • Shifts opinions into facts
  • Methods of case study considered as an intensive study about specific variables
  • A case study is more efficient than other research designs, and less time is consumed to determine the results and to find about cases that are under investigation
  • These cases are flexible and provide a brief description to summarize long and detail-oriented questions
  • Case study has capacity to insight future research
  • Converts researcher’s observation into useable data form


  • Bias comes in topic selection
  • The case study does not calculate of incidence
  • Inefficient in rare exposures
  • Information subjected to observation bias
  • Unable to replicate
  • Possibility of errors and omissions occur
  • The case study cannot be recreated because industry issues are not similar to other industries
  • Needs small sample data otherwise complication occurs in analyzing the data
  • More labor is required for data collection
  • Effective tools necessary for case study to visualize
A Case Study Solution Outline
Write A Case Study Solution Advantages & Disadvantages

How To Do A Case Study Solution?

As discussed above, the case study investigates the problems of businessmen, researchers, and sort out the most effective solutions.

There are some tips that are helpful in understanding and preparing for the case study.

  1. Read the case thoroughly and make underline the problems
  2. Make key problems and do analyses
  3. Discuss all possible scenarios and observations that regard solutions
  4. By seeing all the facts, consider strong and valuable findings

Drafting A Case Study Solution

When information gathered on specific case and problems, analyses draft have the following sections


In this section, define the importance, key problems, and factors that responsible and summarize all the concerned issues in 1-2 lines.


Review the literature, gathered all solutions that demonstrate the case study.


Discuss all case study outlines, define reasons/constraints, explain on what basis these reasons are rejected, and describes why other alternatives not possible at that time. An industry faced some problems with its items manufacturing sites. For this case study, many questions may be raised about an industry like where the manufacturing site of the industry is is located? What kind of items are processed, servants details is an example of the case study. There may be various reasons. Likewise, industry specificity, their products demand in the market, the road availability, etc.

Proposed solutions

Proposed solutions depend upon how to do a case study. Which type of information needed and valid? After data analyses, various outcomes occur about case study and choose the only solution which is more relevant to the problem to the authentic and describes briefly on all issues that arise during the experiment and investigation.

In this section also defines the readings, proofs through discussion, and text reading and also shares the personnel experiences that a searcher gained in the whole process.


Define various strategies on which solution is proposed to accomplish. Recommend further methods to resolve the problems, and describes how and who should do it for better results.

After making the draft, make sure is there any gap or inconsistency present in a case study, are you provide solid solutions, is solution is simple to convey and easily understandable? And at the end, before submitting the final draft, all complimentary edits are done. Make necessary proofread and revisions.

Format Of Case Study Solution

Information about case content is more important than the case study format. All the units and variables are provided in the case study. The title should be ideal and attractive and contains all necessary problem and solutions which are related to a case study. This section consists of 2-3 paragraphs in which all the problems and solutions summarize in a unique and authentic way. The case study should be audience-oriented and describes all the problems related to the researcher.

Format Of Case Study Solution
A Case Study Solution Format

How To Write A Case Study Solution?

A case study should be clear, realistic in a straight forwarding way, and everyone easily understands. Make sure all prospects relatable with the case study and follow all narratives to which all researchers are obsessed. Define all key points and questions, identifies all related issues, link up a theory with practices, plan the structure, and answers about the case study. Make a template that has enough detail about the case study. The length of a case study should not exceed 1500 words. That’s why don’t use unnecessary words that are idle.

Make a uniform script and established consistency. You have cleared about a case study on which you are going to be written. Keep in mind the answer that you want to deliver because sometimes the researcher forgets to describe an answer in writing the case study. Gather all the concerned materials and stuck with the fats. Do not use promotional and editorial remarks. A case study should be written in a way that outcomes speak for itself.

The case study consists of the following contents:

  • Title
    It should contain 8-9 words. Titles have two types; nominal and compound. The nominal title has only one phrase, and in the compound title, it consists of two phrases side by side.
  • Keywords
    Describe the keyword on which the article is listed. Through these words article can easily be searched.
  • Abstract
    Abstract has two types of format, Structured and narrative. In a structured abstract, we use headings and ensure all necessary information, and the researcher decides to see the abstract whether to go on a full case study or to move on by only reads the abstract.
  • Introduction
    Introduction further has four sub-sections:
  1. Introduce the case and summarize the whole case
  2. Add several sentences that define the history and results of some experiments that support our case study and make well proof by other people's work
  3. Describe references, outcomes, and objectives involved in the management of issues
  4. The discussion will be given in 2-3 sentences about the lessons which are learned

The introduction should not be lengthy; it is simple and clear and adds useful history and social context that make it attractive and researchers indulge in succeeding paragraphs to read your case. All challenges and managerial advice are given in the introduction.  

Case presentation

This section contains raw data, not discusses too much detail, and may choose the list of various scenarios related to the title and problem under discussion. The case presentation mainly describes the importance and its restrictions and limitations in finding the final results. And results may be in a positive and negative way. And provide all data sets which we have taken during our analyses in this section.

Case presentation
Write A Case Study Solution

Management and outcome

In this section, we described how we did our management and which type of way we go to find out the new findings. And what type of outcome is generated by analyses. Use the only well-validated and authentic technique to measure new improvements.


If any question arises through the case, that will be discussed in this section—all explanation which is observed defined here. In the end, summarize the text and lesson, which is learned through-out the case study.


If anyone gave help in preparing a case study, thank them in a beautiful and elegant way.

A Case Study Solution Discussion


Only write those references which are used in the case study. Do not use more than 15 references. Do not use textbook references. Do not use personnel communication here.

Why We Do A Case Study Solution?

It is usually used as exploratory research. And helpful in generating new ideas, concepts about surrounding that has been trending in our society and some people face these realities. That’s why we do research or investigate such issues to find out how and why they face these issues and how it will be removed through a systematic and economical way. Nobody harmed at any cost.

Purpose Of A Case Study Solution

The general aim is to describe a case study is to tell about the panic of some institutions and organizations, businessmen, and of a person. Identify the core of the problem and focus on concepts and outcomes. And analyze the facts that were involved in problems and provides effective solutions to those issues that are faced by some units.

Importance Of A Case Study Solution

The case study gave strength and advanced knowledge about intricate things and objects. They provide real-life investigations and planned successful studies and situations. It involves qualitative as well as quantitative methods. A case study is based upon depth-oriented and help in an easy understanding of complex figures and situations. A case study is a comprehensive approach in which every aspect is defined in detained and in a meaningful way that one can easily understand what the author wants to say.

When Is A Case Study Solution Be Used?

Define the case issues and decide a certain type of research question that provides productive conclusions on the basis of data collected during the research. Which type of technique will be used by adopting such kind of research problem and sometimes it will a serious issue about the businessman. Data collected from the field and different channels to discover the new findings that describe and summarize the whole problem in a unique and easy way.

Carry out evaluation and analyses on the data set that had been collected. And write the report in a simple manner.

How Do You Answer A Case Study Solution?

First of all, read all the questions carefully. Then identify the problems related to the case study and questions. Link up all the theories and facts with the problems, and start to write up case study answers. In the end, revised your case study and proofreading because sometimes spelling mistakes may occur, answers may not be written in a proper way, and something that was missed during the write up can be corrected without any embarrassment.

Types Of Case Study Solution

There are four different types of a case study that is described below. These are based upon a hypothesis and thesis statement and can use anywhere in social and life sciences.

  1. Explanatory
    This type is focused on the explanation of problems and phenomena. Individuals and group study will not be explanatory likewise 1 + 1= 2. It is difficult to explain. But in event cases, the explanation may be provided. For example, automobiles have been crashed due to faulty brakes. In this, researchers easily explain about the crashed brakes and automobiles.
  2. Exploratory
    This type of case study focus on further investigation. It is used in large scale research that is well demonstrated. These studies are famous in social sciences and allow searching out new findings.
  3. Intrinsic
    Describes the interest of a researcher and what he wants to adopt to gain exact findings.
  4. Instrumental
    In this type of case study, the researcher only focuses on gaining information about phenomena.

Uses Of Case Study Solution

The case study is necessary required for many fields for research, find a depth or investigate the whole procedure in an efficient and symmetrical way to make it easy for seekers so they can understand their problems and resolved their issues. In the student case study, this enhances the skills of the students and gives them advancement in professional life that is most important for a student’s bright future. The case study is a fruitful way of generating new ideas and theories through a hypothesis.

This is involved in the enhancement of leadership qualities in the students and other peoples and provides a structure because every challenge required a structure for implementation. Do not hesitate while providing your social proof that strong your arguments about the case study and make the outcomes more beneficial and effective for the seeker. The template of a case study can be utilized as an email download through pdf.

For a businessman case study solution, it should demonstrate all values on marketing types, their facts and figures, and follow the rules that overcome the scenario of issues faced by a businessman or industry. Case study success mostly depends upon its dedicated views, and all challenges describe in a clear way about methods, goals, and results. Researchers write a case study in a way, every searcher persuade its case of study and gets inspired through his information and research technology that is used to analyze the problem.

Case study present in a way that all necessary details are provided on your home page. Add links and pieces of training and slides that are specific for a case study to make it more vulnerable and clear in everything. That also values your home page and values proposition. Cover all the problems interrelated with future aspects and provide all basic solutions that can be faced in the near future. The published case studies can also add to your case study solution.

Create small videos on case studies to make it a more attractive and understandable way and make the audience more attentive. These videos depend upon the budget. If you have enough money, then you can do it; otherwise, it creates a mess and causes mental pressure for the researcher. Videos are the best way to communicate with those who get not get your point through pictures, figures, and facts. The case study can also be used as a landing page, but these should be relevant to the case study and the problems.

Post your case study on social websites to take more attention and tag the concerned peoples with the post. This will attract the right ones and those who faced such type of issues and problems through these phenomena. Your case study provides all goals that are involved in overcoming the challenges. Continuously update your case so that it can be published and add it to the list of publications via LinkedIn.

The case study also provides in newspapers and gives to those who are willing. Attach the whole team with the case study and allocate everybody a specific task so that it can easily handle and get to the point more easily and quickly. This involves a wide range of opinions from each side. The case study can also be used as training on some issues that develop their beliefs to offer in understanding.

You can add quotes, proverbs that increase conversation rates and the case study’s credibility. A case study is also used in presentations and demos to gain the success that might be needed in the future. Various answers also arise from that case of study. Incorporate your customer victory in your slide shares that have a strong influence on customer feedback.


A conclusion should be described in a manner that can lead to the searcher to the story. While writing the conclusion, keep it clear in mind that it mentions the aim of the project. And what is the impact of your case study solution analysis resolved of problems and defines the hard work of the researchers? Conclusion always writes in a simple and clear language. It demonstrates and supports the findings. Summarize all details and components that are used in a how to write a case study solution and make more smart and valuable results through findings.

It should not present in a summary way or an essay way, light upon every single aspect which is present in the case study to highlights every point. The conclusion gives a positive vibe and focuses on the importance of that topic in closure with readers' senses.

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