How To Write A Dissertation Proposal?

To know how to write a dissertation proposal first thing that has got to know is what a is dissertation and then we go further for a better write-up and understand well.

What Is A Dissertation?

A document that is submitted by a candidate for a professional degree or academic degree presented by author research and its research findings. It is also described as along essay on a particular subject to get a degree or diploma. It is a research project that is a part of undergraduate and postgraduate students at the end of their degree. A dissertation is a document that summarizes the research.

Difference Between Dissertation And Thesis

Basic difference

You wonder when you see exactly the difference between thesis and dissertation. These two terms are considered the same but they have a definite difference in them. Both have similarities in their structure but the main difference comes when both of them are completed. The thesis is a document that is written in the master’s program but the dissertation is written in a doctoral degree.

Basic difference
A Dissertation Proposal Basic Difference

Both of them also have a difference in their purpose; in the thesis, you are considered as a knowledgeable person that has learned from your research and degree program as well as in the dissertation you have to find out some new facts and knowledge that allow you to discover new theories and information through your research in your field.

Structural difference

A master thesis is considered as a research paper that is written for the sake of a degree on those things that you are familiar with. You prove how critically you think on a topic and how much knowledge you have to conduct research and get its findings and write them on your thesis and discuss all them in detail and provide depth information. The main point of the thesis is how you show your abilities while doing your research and present it in your thesis. But in the dissertation, you have to compare your research with others and prove your own unique hypothesis, and the bulk of the information is attributed to you.

The thesis should be at least 100 pages or more than that as well as in dissertation you write more than two to three times than thesis and write up of a dissertation is a complex thing and take a huge time. In the dissertation, you have to provide background information, research findings, and research proposal detail. For a dissertation you have to go to your dissertation advisor otherwise you are not able to write appropriately.

Structural difference
Write A Dissertation Proposal

Your supervisor also gives you support and pieces of advice when you are stuck on something and they will bring you on your right track. Every institute has its own guidelines about thesis and dissertation and also their structure. However, you get to know very clearly the difference between them.

So let’s come to the topic and we start with how to make a dissertation proposal template then move further and get to know every point about how to write a dissertation proposal?

Dissertation proposal outline

You have to pay attention to the entire points step-wise to prepare the outline of the research proposal.

Dissertation Proposal Structure

It should be written in the present tense, and here are some points:

  • Introduction
  • Statement of the problem/ conceptual framework
  • Review of literature
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

In the introduction, you have provided all the background information and issues and also present your main question that is the base of your hypothesis. Your research importance is also included in the introduction.

Statement of problem: provide the information and methodology on how you work out and illustrate the methodology and plan. It is very important to describe which method you use and how they answer your research questions. You add all materials, data, and components that you will analyze in your research and answer the research questions.

Review of literature: identify the strength and weaknesses of existing research on which you have made your hypothesis. This is providing you the gap between the existing research and the work you have to do. And provide you the hope, and your research contributes to that subject and field. The bibliography should be self-explanatory and appendices support your thesis statement.

Before arriving final dissertation proposal draft you have to write many times on that to give it the final touch. Graduates students shy while providing the potential work and bold claims on your research topic. You take a step forward in your dissertation proposal and give all the answer to your research; you give the importance of your outcomes and the potential of your research project. In short, define how your dissertation provides the knowledge in your subject and area of the field.

Dissertation Proposal Structure
Write A Dissertation Proposal

The final dissertation proposal should contain the title, title page, and include a table of contents. Also, provide a detailed timeline about your proposal, dissertation proposal should not less than ten pages, the average length of the dissertation proposal is 15-20pages. If you have a good hypothesis and provide the importance of your research topic and contain a well-guided methodology then you will on your way to writing a successful dissertation proposal.

The dissertation proposal structure has the following points that must be reminded in your mind while writing up a dissertation proposal. For this, we provide you dissertation proposal template for better understanding.

It provides a brief description of the dissertation and research.

  • Title
  • Detail-oriented introduction
  • Background information
  • Hypothesis
  • Study design
  • Methodology
  • Timetable for completion of the study
  • Resources
  • Ethical considerations
  • References
  • Appendices

The dissertation is the longest piece of writing, now we get to know about writing a dissertation?

Chapters Of A Dissertation

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature review
  3. Research methods and methodology
  4. Data collection
  5. Results interpretation and summary

Step 1

You get a lot from your coursework and theories. Through them, you will get a broad spectrum about your research topic and idealize many research ethics and projects related to your field and subject. On these bases, you will finally get a point to make a title on your dissertation proposal.

Step 2

Next step is to select a topic and make a format for your research. Make a brief outline of your project, and prepare the main content of the first three chapters. You will submit your plan of research on your dissertation proposal and get approval from your authority for the next research that you have complete in actuality.

Step 3

You start to collect the data and analyze that. And review your project to ensure that your research meets the standard of ethical research.

Step 4

You will at this point when you collect data and analyze them and now you have to interpret your results. Summarize your results and findings and link up to them back to your research questions. Provided summary and discussion at the end of the last chapter and make sure proofreading and approval from your supervisor or experienced person before submitting your final dissertation.

Step 5

Take university approval on your dissertation write-up, sort out all the issues is to manage time, and make a schedule and work out them on regular basis. Don’t get panic while writing a dissertation it is creating a burden on students mind but your hard work will pay off to you and you see your dreams comes into reality. It is troublesome to write but in the end, you feel satisfied.

Steps Involved In Dissertation Proposal Writing

The first thing that comes to mind before thesis writing is it interested in your taste and worthy, who will advise you and what you learned from that is it persuading etc.

  • Selecting the topic is panic and the most difficult part in thesis writing. To solve that you just do background research, get some points from your supervisor he/she guides you on the main points and important question that may be become the base of your hypothesis.
  • Think again, and again to do research. You have vast knowledge on your topic. The more information you get more you can do better and worthy research.
  • It’s better to craft your own content rather than to take some other data and rephrase that. Add academic information around your introduction but this is depending on your thesis topic and research that you will do for that. Try to focus on new, unique, and persuasive content. Have confidence in your own research and you know what is focusing and want to sort out.
  • Make a comprehensive outline if you will not write it in detail the try to write more on that. And you need a large material to write on an outline. Always keep in mind ore will be cut after when it goes to excess and it is easy. Having extra material is not a bad thing.
  • Sit in a peaceful place and take a mango juice and write on that. Do gathering, eat, and sleep that it will raise your enthusiasm but after that, it may easier for you and keep some words on the page regularly hat also set a routine for you.
  • Make the first draft but do not lose hope it’s your first experience you have to improve it through proofreading and read it many times and you get to know from where is the deficiency and also you will get assistance from your supervisors and seniors.
  • Remind all the points and comments that give you by your teacher. Any starting person wants to get some appreciation comments that boost them and also enhance their confidence and students improve through them.

At the end of every kind of write up always revise and do proofreading services to your work that improve your quality and make persuasive and mistakes free work. Readers like that content that is free from all the mistakes. Now you finally reach a point when you have completed your thesis write up and submit to your heavy work to your higher authority.

Importance Of The Research Proposal

The purpose of a research proposal is to convince the readers and audience and provide the value of your research. You provide the plan of work of your thesis and research but always focus on good and quality work and on that your research proposal can be approved otherwise you never start your research. The research proposal provides the objectives and aims of your research before you doing that and provides a view to the professor and another person of your research and illustrates the entire process.

Importance Of The Research Proposal
Write A Dissertation Proposal

For research proposal writing you know very well all about the format and style and have a particular structure, and require an appropriate length to accomplish this. The structure of a research proposal is described below:

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Background information
  • Statement of the problem
  • Purpose of research questions
  • Literature review
  • Research methods and methodology
  • Significance of your research
  • Provide chapters overview
  • Plan of work

The research proposal has a narrow and clear topic and it is merely considered as a short research paper. Write your thesis statement in just one or two lines. The proposal should be written in double spaced, paragraphs should be written in only 7 sentences, understand the situation why you choose that research topic, and achieve that goal. The last page of the research proposal should be a bibliography and they are alphabetized.

Now you get to know all about how to write a dissertation proposal? Now we move further to the research proposal. You have to take some points seriously that is described for your better information:

  • To provide expertise and support to your research
  • It provides assessment to your application
  • It is the starting point is a part of your application
  • Your research proposal should be 2000-3500 words

The research proposal may have the following contents:

  • Cover page
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Methodology
  • Research design
  • References

The research proposal has the following table of content:

  • Research proposal
  • Title page
  • Introduction
  • Literature review
  • Research design
  • Implications and collections
  • Bibliography
  • Reference list
  • Budget
  • Revision and proofreading

The research proposal structure should look like that:

Title page

  • Provide the title of the project
  • Your name
  • Your supervisor name
  • Your department and subject of your specialization

If your research proposal is very long then you should incorporate an abstract and table of contents.


  • Provide research topic
  • Give background information
  • State research question on which you have based your research hypothesis

A few important questions that have great worth in introduction are provided below:

  • State interesting topic
  • What kind of work already has done on your research topic
  • What is missing in current research
  • What new insights want to explore in that research
  • What is the worth of your research topic

For too long a research proposal you have to dividend it in sub parts, and provide more detail to the entire context in the research.

Literature review

  • You may familiar more with your topic through this section
  • It convinces the reader through your project
  • You provide a solid foundation to your specific knowledge about your research topic

In this section you have to provide some important lines for better understanding:

  • Do compare and contrast
  • Be critical about weak approaches
  • Define research fits the challenges and synthesis of your research work

Research methods

This provides all information about how you conduct and applied practical steps that will answer the questions of your research.

  • Are you doing qualitative and quantitative research
  • Collect original data
  • Provide sources
  • What tools are used
  • Which method you choose for collecting your research data
  • Provide how you select the topic and sources that give the spark of your research methods and how authentic they are according to your research topic
  • Also, provide the best method that you have select for your research and also provide benefits and validity
  • How you collect the data
  • And how you address them

Interpretation of results

  • Make a strong note and explore the implication on your research project
  • Inform policy aims
  • Locate the idea and specific research of your interest
  • Strength of your research topic and theory and model
  • Challenging the scientific assumptions
  • Creating a chance to define assumptions on further research
Interpretation of results
Write A Dissertation Proposal


  • Write all the references that you are cited in the previous literature
  • And provide full publication
  • Provide all the reference detail
  • Provide all the list of publicized sources
  • Not add the reference that is not cited in the literature
  • Provide a full range of aims and objectives that support your research project

Research schedule

  • Define a timeline, how much time you will complete your work
  • Refine the research questions
  • Make a complete thesis draft
  • Take feedback from your supervisor
  • Take a print of your thesis
  • And do proof reading and editing services as per requirement
  • In the end, get supervisor approval and submit your final thesis to your student record branch and get a degree and diploma.

You get to know all about how to write a dissertation proposal and it's all aspects that are included in the flawless write-up and provide you the opportunity to give a chance to become a great scientist and provide a real image to your dreams. So now you have to pick up a pen in your hands and try to write some words and brainstorming to get some ideas on your field and because you are in a position to write a better dissertation proposal.

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