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Dissertation proposal is your first baby step before the completion of your full dissertation. Our professionals write an exclusive and impressive enough dissertation proposal for you.

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Order details
Order details

Firstly you need to enter your order details that include your personal information, subjects, word count or number of pages and the deadline. Any additional instructions are always welcomed on our website

Pay for the service
Pay for the service

The next step is to make payment to initiate the order process. We accept a variety of payment options like Visa, MasterCard, Credit card, and Debit card. As soon as we receive your payment, we start working on your order.

Track your order
Track your order

We instantly generate an account for a customer who places the order on our website. You can track your order by logging in to the account. There, you will get to know about the progress of your order.

Download your order
Download your order

The final downloadable version of an order can be downloaded from the email address or by logging in to the account. We guarantee you that the final version of your order will be free from mistakes and plagiarism.

Benefits of Ordering Our Services
We are best in the business when it comes to custom writing services
Authentic plagiarism report
Authentic plagiarism report

We are very strict as far as our plagiarism policy is concerned. You will receive a Turnitin report from our website as proof that your assignment is free from plagiarism and copy-paste.

Free revisions
Free revisions

We will happily provide three complete free revisions to our customers who don’t feel satisfied with our delivered work. A revisions request can be made within a course of one month after order delivery.

Free credit
Free credit

We give 5% cashback of the total amount of order to every customer who places an order on our website. You can use this cashback amount when you place your next order.

100% Privacy
100% Privacy

We have an SSL encrypted website, and your personal information won’t be shared with anyone. We never acquire or save any of your financial information at all.

100% Reliability
100% Reliability

We have been in this industry for over 15 years and we have a 98% customer satisfaction rate. We work according to your guidelines and requirements.

Reasonable prices
Reasonable prices

We have very customer-friendly rates, which is why all the students around the world can place their orders on our website.

Why Case48 for Custom Dissertation Proposal Writing?

In a student's life, one has to deal with the pressure of studies along with managing social and personal obligations. It is a phase of life where students want to enjoy with their friends and family. But the pressure of studies won't allow most of them to spend their lives the way they want. We are balancing the lives of most of the students by giving custom-writing services. We have been in this writing industry for more than fifteen years and we have satisfied almost all of our clients. Some students came to us during their college days and they are still relying on our services even on their university level. If you have a pending assignment and you don't know how to do that, you can hire us to get the job done.

As far as a dissertation proposal is concerned, we make sure to send the final downloadable version with no plagiarism. A dissertation proposal with even a little amount of plagiarism can make you suffer the embarrassment. Our writer will use a perfect approach to work on your dissertation proposal according to the instructions of yours. Conducting sound research is paramount in order to write a dissertation proposal in the best possible way. We have professionals of all business management fields, which is why we are always confident that we can do any sort of task. You are only required to write your instructions with utmost care because the strategy of our writer is based entirely on your provided guidelines.

When you are dealing with a dissertation proposal, you are required to get appropriate results to impress your audience. To get appropriate and exact results, experience is required, which can barely be obtained in the student life. On the other hand, we are a website having all the experienced writers to write any sort of assignment. We will not only provide you with the content of the highest quality, but we will also make sure to meet the deadline as well. We always try to send the final version to our customers before the deadline, so that our clients can read the content of their dissertation proposals carefully before submitting it to the institute.

We provide customized dissertation proposal writing services!

We work according to the requirements of our clients, and this is one of the biggest reasons for our success. We don't allow our writers to take help from the pre-written dissertation proposals, which is why there is no issue like plagiarism in our delivered work. You can chat with your assigned writer 24 hours a day to get updates about your order, and let the writer know with some critical instructions. Even if you have forgotten to write the decisive guidelines for your dissertation proposal, you can tell your writer through our chat system. It is suggested to remain in contact with the writer while the order is in transit phase. Only the data that is proved with the help of research will be there in your dissertation proposal.

In order to write a flawless dissertation proposal, you are supposed to have a good enough knowledge of your field. This is the reason we have writers of almost all the fields. Whether you are a student of business, science, finance, or economics, you can rely on our services because we have specialists in every field. You can either start working on your dissertation proposal, but you have to work days and nights without a break to even make yourself write a reasonable dissertation proposal. There is a possibility of damaging your health in the process of writing. The other thing you can do is let us work on your dissertation proposal by paying a very reasonable amount.

Can postgraduate students hire us for their dissertation proposal writing?

Dissertation proposal writing is a very complex form of writing. You are required to conduct a very authentic research to get results of your choice. There are two things you need to focus on while writing a dissertation proposal; the topic of your dissertation proposal and the instructions you have received from your institute. It is not an ordinary form of writing, which is why we have hired some of the writers, particularly for dissertation proposal writing services. Our writers are second to none when it comes to the quality of dissertation proposal writing.

After you place your order, we will start looking for a fitting writer of your field to work on your project. The selection of your writers is based on the nature of your topic, and the provided instructions. There is a significant difference between a research paper and a dissertation proposal. Students often confuse both research papers and dissertation proposals, which is one of the reasons for their failure. If you are a postgraduate student and you want us to write your dissertation proposal, you will get our services at a very affordable price. When you are in your graduation or in your post-graduation, the success of your semester depends greatly on your dissertation proposal. This is the reason you should not take this assignment for granted because it is not an ordinary essay or assignment. This is a task on which your graduation and post-graduation depends.

When you are hiring us for dissertation proposal writing, you are supposed to let us know about the topic of your dissertation proposal along with the deadline. We suggest you write your instructions carefully to get a dissertation proposal of great quality. After we receive the instructions from your side, we'll start writing your dissertation proposal that will surely astonish all of your audience.

Can a student with no experience write a dissertation proposal?

A dissertation proposal writing is a lot more difficult than an ordinary assignment or essay writing. When you are in your university life, you are obliged to take care of the dissertation proposal more often than not. It is a piece of writing that needs experience and technique to make it happen. If you are a student and you have no idea how to write a dissertation proposal, you cannot write it on your own. There are lots of complexities involved in dissertation proposal writing, which is why taking assistance from an expert is required to tick all the boxes of a tremendous dissertation proposal. Even if you try to write it on your own, there is a fair chance of missing the deadline because of the time it requires. The best you can do is hire Case48 for custom dissertation writing services to make yourself relaxed and stress-free.

Advantages of Case48!
Supreme quality

Writing a dissertation proposal can be very tricky for a student. There are chances of mistakes while writing a dissertation proposal, which is why you can rely on our services. Make sure to provide us with as many instructions as possible, so we can work according to your requirements and guidelines. We have plagiarism detecting software, and we will check the content of your dissertation proposal before sending the final version. Our provided dissertation proposal will be able to pass the plagiarism detecting test like Turnitin. We are a custom-writing website, and we believe in originality and creativity.

Meeting the deadlines (even the shortest)

No matter what sort of assignment or presentation you are dealing with, you need to take care of a certain deadline. If you have been assigned to write a dissertation proposal from your supervisor and you are running short of time, you can place your order at Case48. No matter how short your deadline is, we will make sure to meet the deadline. Dissertation proposal writing is one of our specialties and we have hired subject specialist professional writers for dissertation proposal writing. This is the reason we always feel sure about the timely delivery of each and every order.


If you are looking for a reliable website, you have landed on the most suitable website. Our website is SSL encrypted, and we will not acquire or save any of your credit card or debit card details. The content and data of your order will only be yours, and no one irrelevant person will be allowed to access your order. We will create an account for you on our website, and you can log in to get your order (with 100% privacy and security). Not only the content of your order, but your personal information will also remain hidden, and no one will be able to know that you have taken assistance from our website.

Dissertation proposal with zero plagiarism

Our written dissertation proposal will be free of plagiarism. It is essential not to have any plagiarism in any sort of assignment, but a dissertation proposal with a plagiarism can be very risky. Your professor will definitely check the dissertation proposal with the help of Turnitin and other such software. Students often take the help of some friends, or they try to copy-paste data from a website that leads to plagiarism. In case you want to have a dissertation proposal free of plagiarism, you can place your order at Case48.

Customized approach

Just as some of the other websites, we don't have a pre-written dissertation proposal available. We believe in custom-writing services with utmost creativity. On the basis of your instructions, a suitable writer will be assigned to work on your dissertation proposal. Moreover, the writer will essentially have the experience of at least more than five years to start working on your dissertation proposal. In case you have some guidelines from your university, make sure to let us know these directives precisely so that the proposal is written accordingly.

Three free revisions

We always work with full passion and commitment. We have satisfied all of our customers in our fifteen years career and they have referred lots of their friends. The reason they refer us to their loved ones is the quality of our services. First of all, there is no way you don’t feel satisfied with our delivered work. If, by chance, you don't get what you have ordered, we will happily revise three times within thirty days after the successful delivery of your order. On the basis of your instructions, we will provide you three free revisions. We are here to make our customers satisfied, because our customers are our asset.

Is your deadline close? choose Case48 for dissertation proposal!

Writing a dissertation proposal is not a straightforward task. You are supposed to make yourself familiar with all the nitty-gritty of dissertation proposal writing. After making yourself familiar, you need to learn the art of time management. A dissertation proposal writing takes a lot of commitment and time to complete it. If you have a pending dissertation proposal and you don't know what to do, you can hire us to work on your project. We have hired particular writers who are experts at dissertation proposal writing, and they are perfect at meeting the deadlines as well. If time is one of your issues, we have got it covered for you.

When you are in your student life, you are supposed to take care of all the subjects at a time (which is obviously laborious). Along with studying all the subjects, you need to take care of exams, presentations, and assignments. A single student cannot comfortably do all the things at a time, which is why we are here. You can ask us to write your dissertation proposal to get your final version of your order on your deadline. Only an experienced writer can write a dissertation proposal by following all the necessary instructions, and we have the writers who can do that with perfection.

How to place your order at case48?

If you are all set to place your order, and you are looking forward to know "how to place your order?" you can read this section. Placing an order at Case48 is very clear and effortless. All you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps. Here is everything you need to know before initiating your order placement process:

Submit your order form

This is the first step you need to follow to place your order. Don't waste your time on registration and submit your order form to get the ball rolling. You need to give us details like your personal information, your topic, instructions, and your deadline. Once we get those details, we'll be happy to start writing your dissertation proposal.

Expert opinion

We suggest you place your order in advance if you want to get your job done at a lower price.

Make your payment

Once you place your order, you need to make a payment to initiate your order process. The payment process is very smooth. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Credit card, and Debit card. You just need to make your payment, and we'll start looking for a fitting writer for you.

Make your instructions clear and obvious

After your payment, a suitable writer will be assigned to write your dissertation proposal. The writer will read all of your requirements and instructions to meet your expectations. Never take this step for granted and lightly because the quality of your term paper will depend on your instructions.

Get your downloadable order

Meeting the deadlines has always been our landmark. When your deadline arrives, make sure to check your email. On the deadline, an email will be sent to your email address from where you can download your document.

If you think there are chances of improvement, we'll be more than happy to give you three free revisions within 30 days of order delivery. We care a lot about our customers, and their satisfaction is what we are looking for.

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