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A dissertation is probably the toughest and lengthiest academic writing task you’ll ever come across. Let our professionals add all substance that it takes to make your dissertation distinctive and scoring.

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Authentic plagiarism report

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Let Our Tutors Craft a Perfect Custom Dissertation for You!

Have you seen some movies where students are always enjoying themselves with their friends and family members? Are you looking forward to living such a joyful life? You can enjoy every bit of that life by hiring us to write your dissertation. If you are in your Master's level of study and you are required to write your dissertation, it is a matter of great priority for you. Master's degree and PhD degree depends entirely on the quality of the research and a dissertation. To write your dissertation, you need to be skilful enough not only to conduct your research but to write your dissertation as well. If you have some other tasks in your life and you think you will write your dissertation alongside, it is not going to happen.

When you are assigned to write your dissertation by your institution, you will be left with two options. Either you should go for writing your dissertation on your own by working on it all day and night, or you can simply place your order at an affordable price at Case48 to get your job done without facing any trouble. Which of the options is more convenient for you? The later one. Writing a dissertation isn't an easy task because there are lots of techniques and skills involved in writing a dissertation. We have been in this industry for the last 15 years, and we have hired some writers, particularly for dissertation writing services. We will not only give you an astonishing dissertation, but we will make sure to send you the final version of your dissertation before or on your deadline.

How hectic and troublesome can it be for a student to write a dissertation?

Out of all the academic tasks, a dissertation is the most difficult of the lot. One of the biggest issues students face while dealing with the dissertation is that they don't know how to write it. Students have to deal with the stress of exams, assignments, and presentations, and it is almost impossible for them to write dissertations after such a hectic semester. To write a fantastic dissertation, you are required months because of the tricks it involves. When you are in university, you will be required to write a dissertation and your entire degree will be on the line as far as the quality of your dissertation is concerned. This is why you cannot take the risk with your dissertation. We will assign a writer of your field and the writer will work in the best possible way to cover all the nitty-gritty of your topic.

Dependable custom dissertation writing services!

When it comes to dissertation writing services, we are second to none. We work according to the instructions of our clients, and we don't have any pre-written dissertations available in your tanks. This is one of the reasons for our success. Before starting work on your dissertation, a professional writer in your field will do deep research on your topic. When the writer feels confident about your topic, then he will start writing your dissertation, which is why you will get content of the highest quality. Our writer works purely based on your instructions, which is why we always provide unique content to our clients.

As a customer, you are required to carefully fill the order form. Make sure to write all the instructions keeping in mind the guideline of your institute. To increase the quality of your dissertation, we suggest you remain in touch with your assigned writer to get much-needed updates regarding your order. If you want the writer to work on a certain format, or to make him use some techniques, you are more than welcome to have a chat with the writer.

All you need to know about chapters of a dissertation!

When we talk about a normal dissertation, it consists of 10-12 chapters. To prepare a dissertation, one needs to spend almost a year writing it flawlessly. There are lots of difficult chapters of a dissertation where we can assist you in any regard. You can order us with an entire dissertation, or you can order us with any certain section of a dissertation. Are you in need of a savvy topic? Are you finding it difficult to write a summary of your dissertation? Having some trouble with analysis and results? We have writers available 24/7 to work on your dissertation. All of our writers are Doctoral degree holders with experience of over five years.

Title page

When we talk about a dissertation, it is your front page that decides the fate of your dissertation. Your cover page or title page will show the level of seriousness towards your dissertation, which is why you should include certain pieces of information. In case you want us to write an informational page for your dissertation, you will get that at Case48.


Have you assigned to write about the nature of your topic and why you have sacked the topic for your dissertation? When you place your order at Case48, make sure to let us know to prepare a preface. It is essential to tell us what sort of preface you are looking for. In some of the prefaces, you are supposed to write about the ones who helped you in writing your dissertation and conducting your research.


It is legitimate to write this chapter of your dissertation to tick all the boxes of a great dissertation. In your acknowledgement, you are supposed to mention every individual who has helped you do your assignment. There is a particular difference between the preface and acknowledgement. If you are going to write the names of very few people, a preface will be a suitable option for your dissertation. If you are looking to add lots of names in your dissertation to show your gratitude, you should go for acknowledgement. This is the basic difference between a preface and acknowledgement that students often ignore.


Abstract is a chapter of your dissertation that has to be flawless in every regard. Most of the readers don't read the entire dissertation, but they only read the abstract of a thesis to get to know what the dissertation is all about. In your abstract section, you must tell your readers why this dissertation and research is worth reading. An abstract lets a reader know about the problem along with the work you have done to overcome a specific problem. Your abstract should be knowledgeable, so the audience will be able to know more about your topic by reading your abstract.

Table of contents

This chapter of a thesis is considered the technical section. The table of contents will serve as a roadmap for your entire dissertation. By reading your table of contents, your reader will be able to know where certain pieces of information are available in your dissertation (which are of their concern). It is like a navigator of your dissertation that makes the job lot easier for the readers to be sure about the page numbers they are looking for. By looking at your table of contents, your readers can save a lot of time (which is a positive for any dissertation writer).


This is a section of a dissertation that can increase the overall authenticity of a thesis. If you think some terms need an explanation, make sure to explain those terms to your audience. When you are explaining the terms, you should write those in alphabetical order. Make sure to explain and define some abbreviations (if available in your dissertation). It is suggested to explain some tables and graphs of your dissertation, which are not easily understandable for your readers. When you are placing your order at Case48, make sure to write whether you need a glossary section or not for your dissertation.


Once you are done with the preparatory stage of your thesis, you should start working on your introduction chapter. Before writing your introduction, you should collect all of your prime sources. Make sure to analyze and synthesize your collected sources. When you are writing the introduction of your dissertation, carefully write your thesis statement. In your introduction, define your topic as perfectly as possible to make sure your reader reads your entire dissertation. Writing an introduction is one of the toughest tasks of writing a dissertation, which is why you should ask our professionals to work on this chapter of your dissertation. You can take advantage of the work which will be done by our writer by reading your dissertation to increase your knowledge.

Review of literature

It is a chapter of your dissertation where you have to write about the work which has been done by some of the other scientists in the past. The hypothesis you make in your dissertation needs to be justified here in your literature review. Writing a literature review is considered the most daunting task of a dissertation for students. Only the credible data has to be in your literature review because you will need to provide references for all the included data in your dissertation. It is recommended to take the help of a professional to write your dissertation review of literature because it is of great importance. The literature review could be the make or break point of a thesis.


After doing authentic research, the dissertation writer needs to write about the findings of the research. The results which have been obtained as a result of research has to be there in your findings section to prove the originality of the work. Whether the results are significant or not, one has to write all the results and findings of a research. Explain the results in a way that is required for a dissertation can be tricky for a student, which is why Case48 is here to write the finding chapter of your dissertation.


When you are researching a topic, you may get numerous results, which can sometimes make you feel nervous as a student. In your summary chapter, you should be able to relate the results to your thesis statement. If you want your thesis to be published somewhere, it is compulsory to have the relationship between the obtained results and the thesis statement. Based on your results, you will be able to let the world know whether you have successfully proved a hypothesis or not. The summary of your dissertation is like an extracted work that is of supreme importance. The poor summary is one of the reasons for dissertation rejection, which is why we are here to help students from all over the world.

Reference list

To impress your supervisor and your audience, it is suggested to use quotes to support your point. You must not use those quotes "as it is" in your dissertation to avoid any sort of plagiarism. When you are writing references for your dissertation, it is decisive to know which kind of reference style is acceptable in your institute. You can use APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or OSCOLA style for your references. Writing the references is an art, and this is the chapter of a dissertation where most of the students fail to impress their audience. You have to be sure about the comma, full stop, colon, and semi-colon. This is the reason a professional individual can write your references without any mistake. For error-free references, you can place your order at Case48.


It is not compulsory to add all the data and documents in your dissertation, which have helped you in writing your dissertation and conducting your research. Those kinds of documents need to be managed properly to keep a record of everything. For such documents, appendices are the chapter of your dissertation where you can place your data. There is a particular format you need to follow that can only be done perfectly by an expert who is experienced in writing appendices of the dissertation.

How to purchase affordable dissertation writing services?

Placing an order is very simple at Case48. You just need to follow some basic steps to place your order. Here is everything you need to know regarding our ordering procedure:

Submit your order form

This is the first step you need to follow. Don't waste your time on registration and submit your order form to get the ball rolling. Let us know some useful and important details like the topic of your dissertation, deadlines, and number of pages, and we'll be happy to start writing your term paper. We suggest you place your order in advance if you want to get your job done at a lower price.

Make your payment

Once you place your order, you need to make a payment to initiate your order process. The payment process is very smooth. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Credit card, and Debit card. You just need to make your payment, and we'll start looking for a fitting writer for you.

State your instructions

After your payment, a handy and relevant writer will be assigned to write your dissertation. The writer will read all of your requirements and instructions to meet your expectations. Never take this step for granted and lightly because the quality of your dissertation will depend on your instructions.

Get your downloadable order

We meet the deadlines at will. When your deadline arrives, make sure to check your email. On the deadline, an email will be sent to your email address from where you can download your document.

If you think there are chances of improvement, and we'll be more than happy to give you three free revisions within 30 days of order delivery. We care a lot about our customers, and their satisfaction is what we are looking for.

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