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Authentic plagiarism report

We are very strict as far as our plagiarism policy is concerned. You will receive a Turnitin report from our website as proof that your assignment is free of plagiarism and copy-paste.


Free revisions

We will happily provide three complete free revisions to our customers who don’t feel satisfied with our delivered work. A revisions request can be made within a course of one month after order delivery.


Free credit

Every customer will get 5% of the total order amount as a cashback from our website. You can use this amount to place your new order on our website.


100% privacy

We have an SSL encrypted website, and your personal information won’t be shared with anyone. We never save any of your credit card or debit card detail.


100% reliability

We have been in this custom-writing industry for over 15 years, and we do have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. We work according to customer’s guidelines and requirements.


Reasonable prices

We have very customer-friendly rates, which is why all the students around the world can place their orders on our website.

Four easy steps to follow to place your order


Order Details

At first, you need to give us your order details that include your personal information, pieces of information regarding your subjects, and the deadline. Any additional instructions are always welcomed on our website


Pay for the service

Once the order form is filled, you need to make a payment to initiate the order process. We accept various payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, Credit card, and debit card. As soon as you make your payment, we’ll initiate your order.


Track your order

We instantly generate an account for a customer who places the order on our website. You can track your order by logging in to the account. There, you will get to know about the progress of your order.


Download your order

The final downloadable version of an order can be downloaded from the email address or by logging in to the account. We guarantee you that the final version of your order will be free of mistakes and plagiarism.

Take the help of our professionals to get the answer to every question!

Being a student isn’t an easy task at all. You need to deal with the pressure of various assignments and numerous presentations at the same time. When you are in your student life, you want to enjoy some quality time with your friends and family members (which is your right). When you have to do multiple jobs at a time, things can be messy for you. You have to take care of your part-time job, your studies, your exams, and presentations along with the burden of meeting the deadlines. In order to do all the things, you need to work 24/7 to make sure you take care of all these things at will. There is a good enough chance of hurting yourself by working so hard as far as your mental and physical health is concerned.

There are lots of assignments and presentations that involve great skills and knowledge. As a student, you can’t make yourself a professional to deal with all these things. Either you are running short of time, or you don’t know how to do a specific task, you can take help from us. We have been assisting our students for more than one and a half-decade, and we have been doing this in style. You can place your order at Case48 not only to get the job done but to learn from the work of our professionals. We are a brand of custom writing services, so either you need an essay, a solution for a question, a report, or a dissertation, we can help you by meeting your deadline at will. We will make sure to work beyond your expectations, so you can get a grade of your choice. In the end, it’s the grades that matter the most for a student to pass a certain class or semester. All of our work will be plagiarism-free as well as error-free, so you don’t have to face any issue in front of your class or professor.

Whether you are a student of finance, business, or any other subject, you can place your order at Case48. To solve a question on your own, you will be required to sacrifice your sleep and all other social activities, and at the end of the day, you won’t be sure you get an answer or not. This will make you lose your confidence and you will start doubting your own abilities. When you are stuck somewhere, you need to take guidance from some of the experts in the fields, and we have got lots of experts from all the areas who can help students of any kind. All of our writers are university degree holders having experience of at least over 4-5 years. They are not only perfect in terms of their knowledge and field, but they are surprisingly proficient at meeting even very short deadlines.

Questions and problems of college and universities are stressful, and we know that!

Solving a question is not like dealing with any other regular assignment. You need to be critically active to solve a question. And if you are not very skillful at solving puzzles and questions, it will take a lot out of you to get the job done. For example, if you are assigned to solve a numerical, you have to be spot-on in terms of the method to solve that numerical. Even a slight mistake can do your entire numerical wrong, which is why it is very mandatory to look for each of the steps while solving a question. This is the reason we suggest our students work on something else and let us take care of this part of their education.

When you are dealing with such questions, you are dealing with a lot of pressure, pain, and stress. Either you are ready for the sufferings or not, you have to deal with that stress and anxiety. By hiring us, you will not only get a grade of your choice, but you will be able to look at the way our professional has solved your question to learn some tricks. You can order any theoretical or numerical at Case48, and we have got writers who can flawlessly handle any order. Let us work on your questions, and you take care of some other essential aspects of your life.

When we talk about question solutions, there are basically two subjects of great importance. One is finance, and the other one is accounting. Students who are studying those subjects are majorly facing issues with questions solutions. We have hired some writers of finance and accounting to work on the projects of our students in a way, and their teacher wants them to work on their project. Most of the questions related to finance and accounting are interlinked and complex. Handling such questions is always burdensome. We suggest you not to waste your energy on something that can be done astoundingly by a professional. Place your order at case48 right now to get your custom question solutions.

We are the best in the business!

We have been solving questions for students for almost one and a half-decade. We have experts in almost all the fields, which is why we always feel confident about solving a question of any type. On the basis of your order, one of the astounding experts will be assigned to work on your question. All of our writers have more than five years of experience (at least). We believe in custom writing, which is why we have been ruling this industry for more than fifteen years. We are here to serve our clients because we know the problems of our students. Most of the students do part-time jobs along with their studies to earn a handsome amount for themselves as well as for their families. As a part-time worker, you have to manage your studies, which is not a child’s play. So, if you are stuck somewhere and running short of time, hire us to get rid of stress and restless nights.

Our Advantages

We have been in this custom-writing industry for more than fifteen years, and we have been providing astonishing sorts of services to all of our clients. We take particular approaches to deal with the orders of our customers. There are some advantages which you can enjoy by hiring Case48, particularly. Here are the advantages:


We always take care of the privacy of our clients. In order to collaborate with a writing brand to make sure your data and your personal information remain hidden, Case48 is here for you. No one, but you will be able to access your order, and your personal information won’t be disclosed with anyone. You will be able to communicate with your assigned writer, and we will make sure to keep that chat confidential as well. If you are worried your professor will come to know that you have taken help from professionals, we have got it covered for you.

Professional writers

The writers at case48 are experts in their respective fields. In order to get an answer to any question, you can simply hire us, and we will make sure to assign a professional in your field. All of our experts are university degree holders with experience of over five years. It doesn’t matter how short your deadline is, or how tough your question is, we will make sure to send you the final version of your order on or even before your given deadline. You need to play your part by providing enough details and instructions for our writers.


Our services are very getable for all the clients. You just need a good internet connection, and you will be able to communicate with your assigned expert. With the help of a single click, you will be able to get to know about the progress and status of your order. Our writers, as well as our support staff, will be available for your assistance 24/7. At Case48, you won’t feel disconnected even for a millisecond.

Meeting the deadline

We know how important it is for a student to submit an assignment on time. We have hired some writers individually to work on an urgent basis. No matter how short your deadline is, one of our professionals will work continuously to make sure you get your order on your deadline. There is a good possibility that we’ll deliver your order even before your timeline, so you can read the content of your order before submitting it to your teacher. If you are running short of time and you have no idea how to plan your question solution, you can place your order at Case48 for getting the final (error-free) version before or on your deadline.

Chat with your assigned expert

If you have forgotten to write some additional details at the time of placing your order, you can chat with your writer to let the writer know all the nitty-gritty of your order. Not only can you make your order more efficient, but you will be able to keep yourself updated with the progress of your order by chatting with your assigned writer. Two-way communication is always considered as the key to success, which is why we encourage all of our clients to be in contact with their writer. To get an order without any sort of inconvenience, make sure to daily chat with your writer.


When you submit an assignment to your professor, the thing your professor will look consciously is the content of your assignment. We work according to the instructions of our clients. When you are looking for the solution to your question, make sure to provide as many details as possible. This will help our writer to plan your order according to your requirements. If you want to get your question solution in a certain format, write about the format in your instructions section. The content we deliver will be original as well as flawless at the same moment.

Three free revisions

Client satisfaction is our priority. Before sending the final version of your order, we make sure to get it checked by our proofreading team. We have our proofreading team to look for the content of your order, as well as the possible mistakes in your order. If you find any error in our delivered work (which you won’t find), you can ask us to revise it for you. We will happily revise your order according to your instructions within thirty days after the successful delivery of your order. This is the reason we always suggest our customers read every piece of information of order carefully to be sure about the quality of their order.

How can you place your order?

It is very easy to place your order at Case48. If you are all set to pace your order, here is everything you need to know about our order process.

  • To place your order, hit the “Order” button. After clicking that button, you will be redirected to a page where you need to submit all the details. You are required to give us your personal information along with the requirements of your order. As far as the requirements of your order are concerned, make sure to let us know your topic, the deadline, and all the possible instructions to follow. Short the deadline, more will be the price of your order and vice versa.
  • After successfully submitting the details, you need to deposit your money to initiate your order process. We have different options available for you to make your payment that include Visa, MasterCard, debit card, or credit card. Use any of these methods to place your order. Our website is SSL encrypted, which is why you don’t have to worry about the information about your payment method. As we receive your payment, we’ll start looking for a suitable writer to work on your project.
  • The moment we find a perfect t writer for your task, we’ll make sure to let you know. You will be able to remain in contact with your assigned writer to increase the quality of your order. We’ll make an account for you at Case48, and by logging into that account, you can check the status of your order.
  • Once we are done with your project or assignment, we will make sure to send you the final downloadable version of your order to your email address. You can also use your Case48 account to download your order. Make sure to check the content of your order before submitting it your teacher. In case you think there are some areas of improvement, ask us to revise your order. We will revise it out for you within thirty days after the successful delivery of your final order.

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