General Questions

These are some of the general questions regarding Case48. You will get to know about the services and management of Case48. If you have any questions other than the below questions, make sure to contact us!

What is Case48?

Case48 is a platform for the students where they can get academic tasks completed in a couple of hours by some of the best writers in the world. At Case48, you can get your custom assignments done, or you can ask for partial assistance.

Why Choose Case48?

Case48 is you all in one solution as far as academic writing-related issues are concerned. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Case48:

  • Astonishing Expertise: Our hiring process is very strict, which is why only capable writers can pass our hiring tests. We check their research abilities as well as time management abilities to make a call about their selection.
  • Genuineness: We have a team of writers who will do much needed hard work to complete your assignment. We will make sure to deliver original and genuine content on time. The content we provide is plagiarism free as well as grammatically perfect.
  • Confidentiality: While ordering at Case48, there is no need to worry about your personal information. All of your data will be stored on our servers, and only the website has access to your data. Nobody else will be able to access your data.
  • Expert writers: We have hired writers of multiple fields to make sure every kind of order can be done accordingly. We assign you a writer keeping in mind the nature of your topic. All of our writers are experienced in their respective fields.
  • 24/7 support: You will be able to communicate with our support team as well as to your assigned writer for any kind of assistance. You will never feel disconnected at Case48. Provide additional instructions through our Website Portal for getting an impeccable piece of writing.

Is Case48 legal?

Case48 is entirely legal. We provide our assistance to students across the globe in terms of research paper, essay writing, assignment writing etc. students can improve their grades by getting the help of our expert writers and in this regard, it is 100% legal to use Case48.

How does our website work?

If you want to get your custom piece of writing even before your deadline, there is nothing better than Case48. You just need to provide us with the details and we’ll start working on your project. To hire us, you just need to click the order button, fill our order form (containing personal information and assignment related details). Once you do this, we’ll create an account for you at Case48, where you will be given an ID to keep track of your order.

Once you provide us with all the necessary pieces of information, make sure to cross-check the information to avoid any sort of inconvenience. Once you submit the form, we’ll start writing your paper. If you find something wrong in terms of your provided data, make sure to submit a request. If the information you have provided is correct, you can relax and do your other tasks while we’ll write a breathtaking assignment for you.

When we complete your order, we’ll notify you via your e-mail address. The deadline you provide will be considered as an estimated deadline. We can deliver your order before the deadline, on your deadline, or maybe with a bit of delay (which is an ultra-rare case).

Do we have pre-written papers?

We do not believe in any sort of shortcut. Unlike some other websites, we don’t have any pre-written papers available in our database. This is the reason we always satisfy our clients because we deal with every customer accordingly. When you order us, we make sure to follow all of your instructions by beginning from scratch. In order to get your astonishing order, make sure to provide our writers with all the details which you have received from your teacher. Our writers will work according to your requirements and this is the reason for our success.

Do we believe in copy-paste?

The writers we have hired are experts in their fields and all of them are masters or Ph.D. degree holders. As we all know, copy-paste can lead to plagiarism, which is why we always write unique and original content. To avoid copy-paste, we assign writers according to the topics. When a writer is professional in a field, he/she won’t go for copy-paste. Moreover, when our writer completes an order, we make sure to check it through plagiarism detecting software. We have a proofreading team as well to look for any sort of grammatical or spelling mistake. We care about your grades, which is why we make sure to provide our customers with content that can give them their desired grade. For us, copy-paste is a crime and we are very strict about plagiarism as well. So, in this regard, we got it covered for you!

Order & delivery

Here, you will get to know how we assign a writer and how our delivery system works. Feel free to ask anything if you want.

When will my paper be ready?

When you hire us, we start working on your project. Our writers work very efficiently to make sure we deliver your order on time. You need to be supportive as well as a customer because our writers work on multiple projects, which may lead to a bit of delay in your order. If your order is lengthy, we may require extra time to complete it (but this is an infrequent case). If this has happened, you can contact our support team to ask them about the delivery of your order. We suggest our clients contact us before the deadline to be sure about the progress of their orders.

How will you deliver my order?

Once we complete your order, we’ll send a downloadable link to your given e-mail where you can download your project. In case you don’t get your link via e-mail, you can log in to your account, which we have created for you at the beginning of your order. By logging in, you can directly download your paper from our website Portal.

What if you missed my deadline?

Here ate Case48, we have everything under control, which is why you don’t need to worry at all. The long paper does require a bit of extra time and attention to complete them. As we have explained in our ordering phase, your given deadline will be considered as an estimated deadline. If our writer completely fails to deliver your work, you will get your complete refund. We are that much customer friendly.

What if I want something to be modified in the paper after making a payment?

Even if you have given false information or you want to give some information and instructions after the successful payment of your order, you can contact our support team. If the information you are providing is not relevant to the instruction or file that contains guidelines, then it won’t be altered. This is why we suggest our clients look at the order form carefully before submitting it.

Writers information

If you are curious to find your answers regarding our writers, read these FAQs, and you’ll get your answers surely.

Who will write my paper?

We are a website having some of the experienced and professional writers in the world. We have hired them on the basis of a very tough exam in which we have analyzed their research abilities along with time management skills. On the basis of their performance, our team gives a call about the selection or rejection of a writer. In the beginning, we give them small tasks to access them as a writer, and when they deliver an order impeccably, we make sure to provide them with further orders. We assure you that a master’s level of a Ph.D. level writer will write your paper. Once the writer writes your paper, we will check that paper through the proofreading team and plagiarism detecting software.

Can I talk to my assigned writer?

Of course, you can talk to your assigned writer, 24/7. This is where our website portal comes into play. In order to talk to your assigned writer or to our support team, you just need to sign-in to your account where you can chat directly with the writer working o your project. This communication between a client and a writer can improve the originality of an order. Sometimes, it is difficult for a writer to complete a task with little instructions. Good communication can facilitate the writer as well to write a tremendous paper.

Can I share files with my writer?

Yes, you have the luxury of sharing the files with your assigned writer. If you want to guide your writer in terms of instructions, or in terms of deadline, you can share files with your writer. If you have some sources or lectures available in the form of a file, we suggest you share it with your assigned writer to make sure your order will be done efficiently. Having a file available, our writer can write it more flawlessly. Try to remain in contact with your writer if possible, during your order.

Can I Choose My writer?

No, and we have a reason for that as well. We know the specialties of our writer, which is why we can assign your writer in a more systematic way. We know which writer can do the job for you, keeping I mind the requirements of your order. We want to make sure you get the highest grade in your class, which is why you should let us select a writer for you. We know the fields of our writers, and once you order at Case48, our team will analyze your requirements to make a final call about the writer of your task.

Quality & Satisfaction

Here, you will get all the answers of your quality and satisfaction related question. Read this section carefully.

Do you give a guarantee of quality?

Whenever we receive an order, one of our writers starts doing the research to complete the order in the best possible way, and this is the reason for our success as well. We know the importance of quality for your grades, which is why we never take any order for granted. We don’t have any pre-written papers available in our database and we work according to the requirements of every order. Our writers will use all of their skills and experience to write an impeccable paper for you. One of the reasons we are always sure about our quality is that every written material goes through grammatical error detecting and plagiarism detecting tests before delivering to our clients. If we find any sort of issue, we make sure to send it back to our writer for any kind of correction. We only send the final version when we feel confident about it. If you want A-class quality, please order us with a fair bit of time left to submit your assignment.

Will I get my desired grade?

As a matter of fact, we do not promise to get you to your desired grade, but we guarantee you that we will work hard and work in the best possible way. Our writer will give his/her best by following all of your instructions. Quite frankly, your grades aren’t in our hands. We can only give our best and hope for the foremost results.

What if I am not satisfied? What do I need to do?

If you think your instructions haven’t been followed or you find plagiarism or grammatical errors in our work, you can contact our support team to ask for revisions. You need to submit the article to ask for revision. We will analyze your paper, whether the instructions had been followed or not. We will provide three free revisions within thirty days after the successful delivery of your order. If you ask for a revision after a month, you won’t get that at all. You need to place a new order after the completion of thirty days. Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority, which is why we provide three free revisions to our clients within a month.

How to be sure that there is no plagiarism in my order?

Due to our custom writing services, there is no point of plagiarism in our work. We guarantee you that our written work will be error-free as well as plagiarism-free. We always provide 100% unique and authentic content to our customers. Before sending the final version to our clients, we run every order through plagiarism detecting software to be sure about the plagiarism. You can check your paper on your own through plagiarism finding tools. We don’t have any pre-written papers available in our database, which is why our writers work according to the instructions of our clients. Here at Case48, you don’t need to worry about plagiarism.

Pricing & Payment

Find your answers related to pricing and payment. Read this section carefully and contact us if you have a question other than these.

How will the price of our order be decided?

On the basis of your deadline and instructions, the price of your order will be calculated. Make sure to submit your order as soon as possible to get a minimal amount for your order. The overall price of your order depends greatly on your given deadline. There are some other factors that play a crucial role in the pricing of order and these are: how you want our writer to handle your task, the number of pages, and obviously the deadline.

We care about the students, which is why our prices are very affordable and reasonable. We know how difficult it can be for a student to manage fairs. With the help of our custom writing services, you will get 100% unique content. Students often hire writers by paying them heavily, and they spoil their piece of writing. This is where Case48 can prove to be handy because we will get your job done at a very affordable price.

What is the payment procedure?

We have multiple payment methods, and you can choose a method keeping in mind your feasibility. You can upload payments via MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, American Express, and Discover card.

Can I pay the whole amount in segments?

No, there is no way you can pay is segments. You need to pay the calculated amount at the time of your order placement. Once we receive the payment of your order, we will initiate your order procedure. The money of your order will be transferred to our writers when you give us a green signal in terms of your project.

Is your service free?

No, our services are not free. Nothing is free in this world, and we are providing quality at a very minimal price. We need to pay our writers for the quality of work they have done for you. Moreover, at a meager price, you can get your job done without taking any sort of stress whatsoever.

How to get a refund?

We will issue you a complete refund if our writer completely fails to provide the content even after an extended time. As you know, we are working on multiple projects at a time, which is why there may be a bit of delay in your order (it is ultra-rare). If you want a refund with a claim that the instructions haven’t been followed, you need to provide proof that your instructions haven’t been followed by the writer. We will analyze your proofs, and if we find those proofs genuine, you will get a partial refund.

Is the payment procedure secure?

It is your right to ask this question from us. Yes, your payment procedures are secured by (SSL) secure sockets layer. We are using this technology, which is why we can’t access any of your provided credit card information. We are using an encrypted connection, and this is the reason you don’t need to worry about your credit card. Here at Case48, all of your provided data will remain confidential.

Account Security

Do you want to know about your security at Case48? Find out in this section by reading these frequently asked questions.

Can anyone have access to a client’s personal data?

Here at Case48, nobody has the luxury to access your personal data. We will create an account for you, and only you can log in to your account. We suggest you not to share your username and password with anyone to make sure your account remains secured forever. We don’t tell our writers about the identity of our clients. Only the instructions you have provided will be sent to our writers. Your pieces of information like name, location, and e-mail address will not be shared with any of our writers. If you want to share your personal data with your assigned writer through your chat, you can, but we won’t be responsible for the final outcome of this act.

Can my teacher find out that I have taken services from Case48.com?

We make sure to keep you unidentified, and we suggest you not to share it with anyone that you have taken our services. Once you sign-up at Case48, we provide you a unique ID that can only be accessed by you. There is no way your teacher will be able to know about our services because our writers have been doing this for a couple of years and we haven’t received a single complaint regarding this.

Can other people using your services check the data of my order?

Absolutely not. There is no one on the planet who can access your data other than yourself. Even the writers can’t get the content of your order after the successful completion of your order. You don’t need to worry about this.

Can I permanently delete my account?

In order to do so, you need to contact our support team, and they will make it happen for you. Ask our support team to erase all of your data or delete their account. You need to be aware of one thing, and if you want to place your order after the deletion of your data, you need to create a new account by giving all the information right from the start. You cannot recover your account once we delete it.

What if I forget the password of my account?

If you forget the password of your account, you don’t need to panic at all. You can click on the “forget password” option under the sign-in form. We will send you a new password at your e-mail address. You can log in by using the new password.