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By using our website Case48.com, you will agree to all of our terms and conditions along with the website’s privacy policy. We have uploaded our privacy policy on our website, which is applied to all of our new clients, visitors, or anyone else who is looking to hire us as their writer. If you don’t agree with our terms and conditions, you are not allowed to; use or access the URL by any means.

Let us make one thing very clear: the term “Client” , “You” , and “Your” refers to you. These expressions will be used for the one who is accessing our website and has agreed to our terms & conditions, privacy policy, and refund policy. However, the use of “We” , “Ourselves” , and “Us” refers to Case48.com website.


By using our services, you are assuring us that the information you have provided at the time of order is about you. Moreover, you are assuring us that the information you have provided is true and genuine as well. You will be responsible for the information provided. In order to be our customer and to use our website, you need to be over 18 years and must be lawfully eligible to be bound by legal relations.

If you are using the services of Case48, it doesn’t mean that you can infringe any suitable law, regulation, and/or the rules of your school, university, or college. Your account may be deleted and the services provided by Case48 maybe put an end to without any notification, if we get to know you are below 18 years of age.

Order placement

When you start placing your order, make sure to provide us the genuine and correct information about yourself as well as about your writing task. If we find any piece of information misleading, you will be responsible for the results. In our order section, you will be asked to confirm your information and instructions. We need your guidance to initiate your order, and if you don’t provide us enough instructions and guidance, your order may get late, or we won’t work on your project. Only you will be responsible for the consequences if you don’t provide guidance related to your order. Case48 will be responsible for meeting all of your instructions and necessities. In order to make changes, some additional charges will have to be paid by you, or it may be considered as a new order.


If we don’t receive your payment, we won’t initiate your order process. To imitate your order, we need to receive the calculated amount.

In our order section, you can calculate the estimated price of your order but the estimated price doesn’t include taxes and/or levies, and/or duties obligated by taxing authorities, and you will be the one accountable for a fee of all taxes, and/or duties, and/or levies. If there are some taxes applicable to your services, you will have to pay those charges. At the end of your ordering process, you will get a final payable amount (including taxes), which you have to pay to get our custom writing services.

During the entire order process, If you make contact with your bank or Credit Card Corporation no matter when and pretentiously without particular legal foundation, decline or otherwise refuse to pay the fees for the Services provided by Case48.com, this act will be taken as an infringement of your commitment under this agreement, and you will be automatically pulled back from all the services that you are utilizing.

It is a crime to use someone else’s credit card. We have collaborated with our payment suppliers to avoid any sort of online scam. If we find any kind of scam or online fraud, we will conduct a suitable state establishment without any delay.

If you go for a chargeback, you are approving to handover all your rights to the paper involuntarily. Also, you are recommending CaseProfessors.com to make the completed paper public and launch the authorship course of action that will enable us to see if you have used any segments of the paper. The paper will be assigned all Case48.com copyrights and any other academic rights. To keep you away from any uncertainties, chargeback actions shall not bring you in the circle of penalties, fines, or any extra payments.

Case48 has the right to alter the prices of its services anytime and we are responsible for uploading new prices on our website and we will notify via e-mail to our current clients. These costs will become effective straight away without the need for advance notice to any existing or new user.

Loyalty program

For us, our customers are of supreme priority, which is why each of our customers will receive a cashback along with a sign-up bonus of 5$. 25% of the cashback can be utilized for your new orders, and you can pay 25% of your total amount from our cashback. The amount you receive through our loyalty program will be non-refundable and can be used once on each order. As far as the validity period is concerned, there isn’t a validity period and whenever you come back, you will see your earnings in your credit balance.


In order to go for revisions, you need to submit your request for revisions within 30 days after the successful delivery of your order. We provide three free revisions to our customers within a month after the delivery of an order. The duration for the revisions will start right after you get your order from Case48.com. As the revisions period ends, no free revisions will be provided, and you need to place a new order to get your job done. If we haven’t received your revision request within 30 days, we will consider you as a satisfied customer who doesn’t require any further changes or amendments.

If you think we failed to follow your instructions, you can ask us to revise your paper for you. You need to let us know the problems you have found in our paper and we will analyze the written work. We guarantee the quality, which is why we will fix all of the errors (if there). In order to qualify for revisions, you cannot ask us to write something which you haven’t told us before. Only the instruction you have provided at the time of order can be used to ask for revision. If you want us to add some extra material, we won’t do that for you, and in such cases, your need to submit a new order. After the revision period is over, you need to make a new payment to get your custom paper


It is possible that we may ask you to provide us with some additional information. We can use our legal means to get information about you. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you will give us the right to conduct any inquiries that we deem essential about you. We need to be sure about the identity of our customers, which is why we can ask you or we can get assistance from a third-party to get information regarding our customers.

We have this verification to make sure our customers don’t have to face any issue. Our verification process includes the confirmation of the authenticity of a cardholder, and we can make a phone call to be sure about the cardholder. Sometimes, we may ask you to submit some additional documents to prove your identity. We are very conscious about the deadlines, which is why we need the documents that can prove your identity to send you the final version of your order on time. Failing in the verification process will not only result in holding the order back but might get canceled immediately or after a specific time period.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you are allowing us to process your personal information that may involve the verification process. You also agree that we can put that data to use for communicating with you when necessary, for legislative and accounting causes. By reading this, you admit that you have accepted our terms and conditions along with the privacy policy.

Limitations of liability

Case48.com will not be liable to you in association with the material of, the utilization of, or else in link with, this website. If you fail to learn the content provided by Case48, or this has led you to a failure in your final grade, we will not be responsible for such consequences. We are responsible for following all of your instructions and our writers will try their level best to write impeccable content for you. You should use our written papers for research and learning purposes and not for submission to any academic institution.


The content we write will remain the property of Case49.com and all of our written content will fall under the area of copyright. It will also fall under the rights which are mentioned by the international law principle.

We create a paper for your personal use, which you can use for research purposes. It may not be duplicated or put to use in distribution, submission as your own research work, sold, licensed, pass on, or otherwise subjugated without our written approval.

We write the first name/initial on our website of a customer who sends us the valuable feedback. As a result of what’s written over here, by accessing our website, you give us permission to use your personal information like your first name/initials along with your review. We assure you that the publishing of your review doesn’t harm your confidentiality. In case you want to remove your testimonials from our website, you can contact at Case48.com

Notification of changes

Case48.com can make changes in the given terms and conditions at any time. If you are using our services, you need to accept our revised terms and conditions. It is suggested to have a look at our terms and conditions, and we will make sure to notify our customers about our new terms and conditions through an e-mail.

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