Honor Code Case48 – Statement on Professional Ethics
We strive to cater personalized coaching services to students to help them reach their maximum potential. Moreover, we aim to plug educational gaps through personal assistance to everyone.
Honor Code Case48 – Statement on Professional Ethics
Case48’s Honor Code

Case48 strongly believes and upholds professional ethics. Therefore, as a professional writing company, we never indulge in academic dishonesty, cheating, fraud, or unfairness of any kind.

Our Professionals Never Assist in Illegal Practices

Our onboard learned writers are professional to the core and never tend to assist in any illegal or unethical practices that might contradict the academic policy of any school, college, or university.

We Strongly Denounce

We Strongly Denounce


Where other's work is copied.



Where other's work is presented as one's own.



Where one person fraudulently pretends to be someone else.

Corporate Sector Services

Case48 is a top-level writing company that strongly upholds professional values. We never tend to help in any corporate dishonesty through our write-ups.

If any of our professional is found to be perpetrating any such illegal activity, he is instantly penalized and sacked from our platform.

Corporate Sector Services
Message to Students

Message to Students

Case48 is a highly accredited academic writing company that cherishes international recognition. We are cognizant of modern-day academic challenges and your personal barriers to academic achievements. Despite all this, Case48 never believes in resorting to any unfair means and strongly denounces any violation of academic integrity.

Students must never indulge in any unfair activities or acquire our professional assistance for tricking their institutional moral policies.

Furthermore, we strongly urge you to never present our work as your own, instead, the delivered material must be used purely for guidance purposes only.


Message to Teachers and Institutes

As a formal writing company, we are fully cognizant of your efforts to create a level playing field for all and ensure the right to education for the masses. We just aim to supplement and further strengthen your efforts by providing personal assistance to those who might need it for personal reasons.

Case48 team consisting of mostly ex-professors and coaches guarantees that we will discourage and denounce any activity violating the essence of academic integrity.


Message to Businesses

Case48 is a top-level professional writing company that assists businesses worldwide in writing professional statements, reports, and miscellaneous write-ups through field experts. Yet, attaining assistance in forgery, unfairness, or violation of corporate policies is never encouraged.

Businesses are requested to refrain from using our expert writing services for exploitation purposes or for those that in any manner violate corporate policies.

No business can hire our assistance for forgery, maneuver, manipulation, fraud, or altercation of any official documents.


Message to Writers

All our onboard writers must take this message as a fundamental code and norm of our profession. Case48 is a professional writing company that serves a very sacred purpose of helping students meet their academic challenges with timely and affordable assistance through subject specialists. We offer way more than standard rates to our professionals, each one of you is expected to stick with below-mentioned points

No writer is allowed to provide professional assistance in any such activity that even in prima facie might conflict with the basics of academic integrity i.e. cheating, plagiarism, impersonation, etc

All of you are ambassadors of Case48; we expect from you all the highest standards of professional and moral conduct and fully in compliance with the institutional policies, rules, regulations, and law.

  • Copying some other person's work and tagging it as your own work
  • Quoting sources without proper citations and due credit
  • Copying ideas of others, ideas, experiments, thoughts, literary work, or conclusions
  • Altercating or maneuvering data
  • Impersonation of any kind where one aspires to be presented as someone else
  • We never indulge in any kind of unfairness or foul play for the sake of higher grades
  • We never prepare fabricated financial reports, CVs, or any other formal/informal paper
What We Strongly Denounce? What We Strongly Denounce

Case48 is somehow a paid writing company, yet some limitations bind us to stay within the confines of morality and academic integrity. Here below is the list of tasks we never perform

What We Strongly Denounce?
Report Us any Violation

Case48 is an internationally accredited professional writing company with hundreds of thousands of happy clients worldwide. We are literally among the very pioneers of the writing industry and we have always upheld the ethics of the writing profession. We clearly have zero-tolerance policy towards any breach of the honor code, cheating, plagiarism etc.

We openly welcome you all to instantly report us even the minutest violation of honor code and academic integrity on the part of this organization. We guarantee an immediate and concrete action will be taken against the perpetrators.

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