Best Ways to Start an Essay to Score Big!

Are you struggling with the question of what is a good way to start a college essay? The most challenging part of writing is the beginning. Many students do not find the best ways to start college essay with a catchy phrase, and they think about getting assistance from professional writing companies.

An essay is a type of writing in which a writer develops an idea by using strong evidence in an organized manner. Essay writing is not as easy as most people think. It would be the obvious desire of every student to write an engaging essay. The beginning of an essay is considered crucial because it should be attractive enough to grab the reader's attention. This blog lists the best ways to start a good essay.

General-purpose of essay's introduction

While writing an essay, you need to know the primary purpose of the introduction. It helps you introduce your topic to the reader by telling about the topic and providing relevant background information. It helps your reader to know about your topic. Furthermore, a good introduction gives a general overview of the essay. You should include these things in the introduction of your essay to make your essay look professional.

1) Hook statement

2) General background

3) Thesis statement

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1. Start with the hook statement

Many students try to find the best ways to start a sentence in an essay. Think about making a first impression on your favourite celebrity you would like to meet. What will you do? Indeed, you will not create a mess in the beginning. Similarly, the tone of your whole essay depends on the first sentence you write. Therefore, starting with a hook statement is the best way to catch your reader's attention. It would be best if you spent some time on writing an impressive hook.

You should avoid the lengthy and dense sentences that create ambiguity. Instead of this, start with a comprehensive and concise statement so that it sparks your reader's curiosity. Your beginning should give a proper understanding of the topic you are writing about. Try to avoid plain statement facts. The hook statement should tell the mainstream of your topic.

Here are some examples that will help you to write an effective hook statement.


  • Mobile phone is an important invention.
  • The invention of the mobile phone has made a turning point in the history of communication.

The first sentence is just a simple statement, whereas the second sentence is more explicit and includes a bold claim about the reason for that invention.


The internet can be defined as "a global network that provides a lot of information."

  • The spread of the internet has changed the world, regardless of the world of education.

Do not use the dictionary definition for your opening sentence. Although the second example is of the same length, it gives a clear understanding of what the paper will be about.

2. Write excellent background information.

a. What Is Background Information?

The information that your reader needs to know to understand your thesis statement is called background information.  

A good introduction section focuses on the structure of the first paragraph. It sets a map to the journey of your essay. You need to provide your reader with the context they want to understand your topic. Depending on the subject, the length of the context may vary from essay to essay. The context might include:

  • Explanation of some key terms
  • Summary related to the theories of your topic
  • An introduction of the debate you are organizing
  • Social, geographical or historical context

The information provided in this section should focus on your argument. You can write briefly about the points that you will return to later. Avoid providing evidence and interpretation in this section. The body of your essay will cover these evidences and interpretations.  

b. Know your target audience

Know your  audience

To write a compelling background, you should know your intended audience and the information they need to know. It will help your audience to read your essay easily.  

c. Write concise background information

It would help if you chose the intermediate way of writing background information in the introduction of your research essay writing. Your reader may be veer off the topic if you provide too much information. Similarly, too short information may create confusion in your reader's mind.

d. Ask these questions from yourself

i.   What is the understanding level of my audience?

ii.  Would it be best if I use specific terminologies that my reader may not know?

iii. Does my reader need some more content for the proper understanding?

e. Which is the best place to write the background information?

It is necessary to share the background information right after the hook statement. The hook statement captures your reader's attention and you need to share the background information after his engagement. If you share the background information earlier to the hook statement, your reader may not continue the reading of your essay.

3. Write your thesis statement.

A perfect essay needs a strong thesis statement. Now, you need a sentence or couple of sentences to summarize your argument. It is called a thesis statement. You should narrow your topic and write your main idea about the subject.  It is the most significant part of your introduction.  

A perfect thesis statement does not merely revolve around the fact, but it requires evidence and interpretation for its claim. In the thesis statement, you should convey your main idea about a topic.

Keep these tips in mind before writing your thesis statement.

  • Whether you have been assigned a specific topic by your mentor or are free to choose your topic, it would be best if you narrow down your subject matter to write a thesis statement. A single essay does not cover all the aspects of a broad topic, so choose a specific part of the subject matter.
  • When you narrow down your topic, identify the pertinent questions for your essay. Utilize all the necessary information to write a suitable question. Furthermore, keep in mind that your question should be related to the essay.
  • Now, you need to answer the question in the form of a statement.

What should be the length of an introduction?

The length of your essay depends on the complexity of your writing. A well-organized paragraph is enough for a simple essay. The length of the introduction may exceed one paragraph if it is a complex essay. Focus on the instructions that your mentor provided you with.

Things need to be avoided.

Do not elaborate your thesis statement in the introduction section.  

Avoid using the unoriginal method of dictionary definitions.

Do not be too vague and stay to the point. The reader will be confused by your vague ideas.

Avoid providing irrelevant information.

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